Internship Program (HIST 467)

Getting started with the History Internship Program

The History Department at Cal Poly offers internship opportunities so that students may “learn by doing” and explore the many ways that individuals with a history background put their degree to work.  Through these internships, students will be able to develop a variety of skills in research, communication and historical thinking that could prove useful to their academic work and professional careers.

These internships are administered as HIST 467.  An internship is worth between four and twelve credits per quarter depending on the hours of work done weekly on site (i.e. 12 hours of work weekly translate as a 4 credit class).  The internship grade will be recorded as credit/no credit.

Beginning the application process: 

  • It is ESSENTIAL that you begin the process of applying for the internship program early so that you are able to complete 10 full weeks of work at the internship site.  Therefore, you must contact the internship coordinator by the end of week 7 of the previous quarter.  (For internships in the Fall quarter, this means contacting the coordinator by the end of week 7 of the previous Spring quarter.)
  • An initial application will consist of a resume, a list of completed history courses noting professor and grade, the names of two faculty recommenders, and a 250 word essay explaining your interest in the program and how it fits with your education and professional goals.  Please turn a hard copy of your application into the department office, to be placed the internship coordinator’s mailbox.
  • Applications will be evaluated by the faculty coordinators and supervisor at the internship site availability of internship positions and quality of application.
  • If a student is awarded an internship position, he/she is responsible for transportation to/from the site.
  • These are the application guidelines for internships that receive course credit.  Students make take internships for course credit during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters.  Students may participate in internships independently on a voluntary basis at any time without course credit.   

For more information please contact one of the Coordinators for the internship program: Dr. Molly Loberg or Dr. Andrew Morris.


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