Tentative Course Offerings Spring 2018

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HIST 201 United States History to 1865
HIST 202 United States History Since 1865
HIST 206 American Cultures Large
HIST 207 Freedom and Equality in American History
HIST 210 World History I
HIST 213 Modern Political Economy (HNRS?)
HIST 214 Political Economy of Latin America and the Middle East
HIST 216 Compartive Social Movement
HIST 221 World History, Beginnings to 1000
HIST 223 World History, 1800 - Present
HIST 303 Research and Writing Seminar in History
HIST 304 Historiography
HIST 306 The Witch-Hunt in Europe, 1400-1800
HIST 316 Modern East Asia
HIST 321 Civil War America
HIST 322 Modern America
HIST 335 Modern Europe 1914-Present
HIST 350 The Scientific Revolution, c. 1500-1800
HIST 354 History of Network Technology(or WGS340)
HIST 422 Japanese Postwar Film and History
HIST 425 Social Sciences Teaching Practicum
HIST 428 The Indian Ocean
HIST 458 Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe
HIST 461 Senior Project II
HIST 467 History Internship
HIST 510 Graduate Seminar in Compartive History
HIST 512 Supervised Reading for Comprehensive Exams
HIST 599 Thesis

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