Tentative Course Offerings Fall 2018-Spring 2019

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100 Introduction to the Study of History X X  
110 Western Civilization: Ancient to Renaissance X X  
111 Western Civilization: Reformation to the Present   X X
201 United States History to 1865 X X X
202 United States History Since 1865 X X X
206 American Cultures X X X
208 Survey of California History   X X
210 World History I X X X
213 Modern Political Economy X X X
214 Political Economy of Latin America and the Middle East X X X
216 Comparative Social Movements X   X
221 World History, Beginnings to 1000   X X
222 World History, 1000 - 1800 X X  
223 World History, 1800 - Present X X X
225 The World at War X X X
303 Research and Writing Seminar in History X X X
304 Historiography X X X
306 The Witch-Hunts in Europe, 1400-1800   X X
307 European Thought 1800-2000   X X
314 Middle East   X  
316 Modern East Asia X X X
317 The Lure of the Sea   X X
318 The City in the Modern World X   X
319 Modern South and Southeast Asia X X X
321 Civil War America X   X
322 Modern America   X X
326 United States Foreign Relations since 1898   X  
334 Modern Europe, 1789-1914 X    
335 Modern Europe, 1914-Present X    
337 Colonial Latin America X X X
338 Modern Latin America X X  
350 The Scientific Revolution, c. 1500-1800 X   X
354 History of Network Technology X X X
401 Early America   X  
409 Vietnam War at Home and Abroad      
413 Turbulent Decades: The United States in the 60's and 70's     X
417 20th Century China X    
421 The History of Prostitution     X
422 Japanese Postwar Film and History      
424 Organizing and Teaching History X    
425 History-Social Sciences Student Teaching Seminar   X X
427 Soviet Russia     X
428 The Indian Ocean      
429 Precolonial African History      
434 American Women's History to 1870   X  
435 American Women's History from 1870      
437 Nazi Germany      
441 Topics and Issues in European History   X  
442 Topics and Issues in Latin American History X    
444 Topics and Issues in African History X    
445 Topics and Issues in Comparative History X    
453 Religious Wars and Absolutism      
458 Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe      
459 Imperialism and Postcolonial Studies   X  
475 Arabia and the Arab Gulf States     X
460 Senior Project I   X X
461 Senior Project II   X X
467 History Internship X X X
504 Graduate Study in History   X  
505 Graduate Seminar in United States History X    
507 Graduate Seminar in East Asian History   X  
508 Modern Latin America   X  
510 Graduate Seminar in Comparative History X    
512 Supervised Reading for Comprehensive Exams X X X
599 Thesis X X X







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