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The Forum is a historical journal published at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo by students associated with the Cal Poly History Department and the university’s chapter of Phi Alpha Theta. Through publication of The Forum, the members of the Alpha-Nu-Gamma chapter of Phi Alpha Theta hope to highlight the contribution of the Cal Poly History Department to the university environment, foster intellectual exchange, and showcase the significance and diversity of the field of history.

The Forum: A Journal of History, has been awarded second prize in the 2021 Gerald D. Nash History Graduate Electronic Journal competition. 


Want to get published?

  1. Write an amazing history paper for a Cal Poly class!
  2. Have your professor fill out the recommendation form and email it to The Forum's executive editors, Julia Taylor ( and Amy Gavello ( 
    1. Make sure you give your professors enough notice to write you a recommendation (i.e. refrain from asking the day before the spring quarter deadline).
    2. We will not send your paper to our editors until we have the recommendation form
  3. Remove your name from the document (don’t forget about the headers of each page!)
    1. Keep the page numbers on the document
  4. Rename the document with the title of the paper
  5. Include a brief abstract that details your thesis and paper structure
  6. Scroll down and submit your paper
    1. Document name: [Your Paper Title]
      • Example: Generall Historie of Virginia.doc
    2. Please include in the email the class and professor you wrote the paper. Your abstract will be asked for after it's been accepted for publication. 
    3. Submission MUST be a word document (.doc, .docx).
  7. If you are asked to revise and resubmit your paper
    1. Make the necessary changes 
    2. Resend you paper with the edits you have made 
    3. Document Name: Revision of [Your Paper Title]
      • Example: Revision of Generall Historie of Virginia
  8. If your paper is chosen
    1. Review and approve copy edits provided to you by your editors
    2. Send 50 word author bio 
  9. Good luck! :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I be sure that my professor submitted their recommendation form?
    1. Politely email your professor or stop by their office hours. You may email Julia Taylor ( or Amy Gavello ( to find out, but if you contact your professor directly it can also serve as a reminder in case they haven't done it yet.
  2. Can I submit more than one paper?
    1. You must wait until you get your edits back to decide whether or not you want to submit another paper.
    2. If you chose NOT to revise and resubmit that paper, you must indicate that to the Executive Editors and indicate that you intend to submit a different paper. Only one submission will ultimately be considered for publication per volume, so choose wisely!
    3. If your first paper is rejected, you may submit another.
  3. Do I need to be a history major or member of Phi Alpha Theta to submit to The Forum?
    1. No, you do not need to be a history major, however your paper topic must be related to the field of history
  4. If my paper was rejected for one volume, am I allowed to submit it to the next volume?
    1. Papers must not be over 1 year old in order to qualify for publication in this journal
  5. Whom can I contact if I have any questions?
    1. Please e-mail Julia Taylor ( or Amy Gavello ( for any questions.

The Forum Archives

All prior editions of The Forum are available at the Digital Commons @ Cal Poly website:


Contact Information and Submission

1 Start 2 Complete
First and Last Name of Instructor you wrote the paper for
Document Name: LastName_FirstName [Your Paper Title] Example: O'Dell, Scott Island of the Blue Dolphins
Files must be less than 25 MB.
Allowed file types: doc docx.

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