Change of Major


The History Department admits undergraduate transfers according to the following procedure, as per the 2009-11 Cal Poly Catalog, pp. 49-50 (updated July 19, 2010):

  • The student must be able to finish the requirements for the history major without exceeding 204 total units or a length of time enrolled at Cal Poly of four years plus one academic quarter.
  • The student must meet with the department chair in order to discuss a change of major and to set up an Individualized Change of Major Agreement (ICMA). This ICMA will serve as a contract, and will be valid over the following two academic quarters. Students must meet the following requirements by the end of this period in order to be accepted into the history major: 
    1. Complete at least three history courses at Cal Poly, with a History GPA of 3.2 or higher. (At least one class must be upper-division.)
    2. Achieve a Cal Poly GPA of 2.8 or higher for the two-quarter duration of the ICMA (enrolled full-time), or have a Cal Poly GE GPA of 2.8 or higher.
    3. Meet personally with the department chair to discuss completion of the ICMA.

The above policy also applies to students wishing to add the history major as a second major.

Students who enter into an Individualized Change of Major Agreement (ICMA) with the department and are not accepted into the history major within two quarters will not be eligible to reapply to the major. In this event, students are advised to consider pursuing a history minor.

Department Contact: Lewis Call, Department Chair, 805-756-2543

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