Congratulations to Alika Bourgette, a first-year Masters of Arts program student, who reached the final round of the 30th Annual Cal State University Student Research Competition.  Bourgette presented his paper, “Paving Paradise: The Royal Hawaiian and the Rise of Waikiki Tourism,” which examines human engineering and transformation of the Waikiki landscape into a leisure playground and its contemporaneous creation as a cultural phenomenon via film and literature. 

After advancing through a College of Liberal Arts round and university-wide round, Bourgette attended the statewide research competition held at CSU Bakersfield on April 29 and 30, where he spoke about his study to audience members and an interdisciplinary panel of judges.  Fellow Masters of Arts students Crystal Smith and Austin Weyman also attended to cheer him on.  Bourgette plans to further develop the project into his master’s thesis during this upcoming year. 

history students

L to R: Austin Weyman, Alika Bourgette, Crystal Smith


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