Andrew D. Morris



Interim Director, Office of Academic Programs and Planning

University Accreditation Liaison Officer


  • East Asia
  • Modern Chinese and Taiwanese history
  • Cold War history, sports and popular culture, nationalism, colonialism

Contact Information


  • University of California, San Diego
    Modern Chinese History: Ph.D. (1998), M.A. (1996)
  • Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA
    Double Major: Physics and History: B.S. (1991)

Awards, Honors and Professional Activities

  • Hoover Library & Archives Summer Workshop on Modern China, Stanford University, July-August 2018.
  • Travel Grant, Chiu Scholarly Exchange Program for Taiwan Studies, 2014.
  • Faculty Research Grant for Taiwan Studies, Ministry of Education, Republic of China, 2011.
  • Fulbright Research Award, 2007.
  • Visiting Scholar, Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, June – September 2007.
  • Distinguished Scholarship Award, Cal Poly, 2005-06.
  • Visiting Scholar, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, June – September 2004.

Published Books

Selected Article Publications

  • "I Can Compete! China in the Olympic Games, 1932 and 1936." In Wray Vamplew and Mark Dyreson, eds. Sports History, Volume Two: More Than a Game. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publishing, 2016.
  •  "The Me in the Mirror: A Narrative of Voyeurism and Discipline in Chinese Women's Physical Culture, 1921-1937".  In James A. Cook, Joshua Goldstein, Matthew D. Johnson, and Sigrid Schmalzer, eds. Visualizing Modern China: Image, History, and Memory, 1750-Present, pp. 107-125.  Lanham: Lexington Books, 2014.
  • “Kanō Baseball, Savage Governance and the Colonial Crisis, 1931.”  In Bi-yu Chang and Henning Klöter, eds.  Imaging and Imagining Taiwan: Identity Representation and Cultural Politics, pp. 47-64.  Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2012.
  • “‘Why Are They So Far Ahead of Us?’: The National Body, National Anxiety, and the Olympics in China.”  In William M. Tsustui and Michael Baskett, eds.  The East Asian Olympiads 1934-2008: Building Bodies and Nations in Japan, Korea, and China (Leiden, The Netherlands: Global Oriental, 2011): 120-136.
  • “1970s–80s ‘Chinese’ Little League baseball and its discontents.” In Marc L. Moskowitz, ed. Popular Culture in Taiwan: Charismatic Modernity (New York: Routledge, 2011): 25-51.
  • “‘How Could Anyone Respect Us?’: A Century of Olympic Consciousness and National Anxiety in China.” The Brown Journal of World Affairs XIV.II (Spring/Summer 2008): 25-39.
  • “Savages, Traitors, Budweiser, and a History of Glocalization and Baseball in Taiwan.” Taiwan shiliao yanjiu (Taiwan Historical Materials Studies) 28 (December 2006): 2-31.
  • “The Taiwan Republic of 1895 and the Failure of the Qing Modernizing Project.” In Stéphane Corcuff, ed. Memories of the Future: National Identity Issues and the Search for a New Taiwan, pp. 3-24. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe Inc., 2002.
  • “‘I Believe You Can Fly’: Basketball Culture in Postsocialist China.” In Perry Link, Richard P. Madsen, and Paul G. Pickowicz, eds. Popular China: Unofficial Culture in a Globalizing Society, pp. 9-38. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2002.
  • “‘To Make the 400 Million Move’: The Late Qing Dynasty Origins of Modern Chinese Sport and Physical Culture.” Comparative Studies in Society and History 42.4 (October 2000): 876-906.
  • “Native Songs and Dances: Southeast Asia in a Greater Chinese Sporting Community, 1920-1948.” Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 31.1 (March 2000): 48-69.

(Please see my Digital Commons/Bepress page for links to many of these and other works.)


  • Director, History M.A. Program
  • Director, Asian Studies Minor
  • Co-Chair, General Education Task Force
  • Former Chair, History Department


Organizational Memberships

  • Reviewer for the following journals and organizations: Journal of Asian Studies, The China Quarterly, The China Journal, Modern Asian Studies, Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Comparative Studies in Society and History, Bulletin of the Institute of Modern History (Taiwan), Research on Women in Modern Chinese History (Taiwan), The International Journal of the History of Sport, Journal of Sport History, Gender & History, Nan Nü: Men, Women, and Gender in Early and Imperial China, Sport Studies (Taiwan), Social Science Research Council, National Endowment for the Humanities, University of California Press, National Museum of Taiwan History Press.


  • HIST 300: Junior Seminar: Modern Taiwan
  • HIST 303: Research and Writing Seminar in History: Asian America
  • HIST 303: Research and Writing Seminar in History: Cal Poly History
  • HIST 303: Research and Writing Seminar in History: Sports History
  • HIST 310: East Asian Culture and Civilization
  • HIST 316: Modern East Asia
  • HIST 414: The Fall of Imperial China
  • HIST 416: Modern Japan
  • HIST 417: Twentieth Century China
  • HIST 418: Chinese Film and History
  • HIST 422: Japanese Postwar Film and History
  • HIST 460: Senior Project I
  • HIST 461: Senior Project II
  • HIST 504: Graduate Study in History
  • HIST 507: Graduate Seminar in East Asian History: The People's Republic of China
  • HIST 507: Graduate Seminar in East Asian History: Taiwan and China
  • HIST 507: Graduate Seminar in East Asian History: The Asia-Pacific Wars

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